How Plant Cells in your Skin Care Cosmetics Work?

Usage of animals in cosmetics has always been in controversy. But when the cosmetic brands switched to ‘cruelty-free’ agenda, great interest was shown in dermatology research. Indulging in plant-based technology helps in producing exquisite cosmetic products. All efforts for new cosmetic products are emphasized on plant stem cells to overcome the crummy PR and ethical concerns correlated with human or animal sources. 

There are many cosmetic companies that promise to make efficient use of stem cell technology, but professional cosmetic brands comprise stem cells procured and extracted and not live cells. It assures to give you smooth and firmer skin than before due to the existence of antioxidants and active extracts. 

The white plant stem cells embody amino acids and other proteins that have a positive effect on the skin. It tackles skin issues like acne, sun damage, scarring, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, loss of elasticity, dry skin and uneven skin tone.  

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