Let the Skin Whip with Plant Stem Cells

Many researches have recognized naturally occurring botanicals with considerable antioxidant properties that are proven to guard the skin stem cells from-

  • UV-induced oxidative stress
  • Curbs inflammation
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • Reverse the effects of photo aging 

Accordingly, cosmeceuticals products are embraced with extracts derived from plant stem cells that have the capability to nurture healthy cell proliferation and protect against UV-induced cellular damage in humans. On the other hand, plant cells are totipotent. It means that they are capable enough to revive an entirely new, whole plant. 

With this innovative plant stem cell technology, scientists are able to extract tissue from botanicals. Thus, the plant’s ability to revive stem cells can be mobilized for use in humans. The use of stem cells derived from botanicals, rather than human stem cells, avoids the controversy surrounding the source or methods of extraction of human stem cells while still harnessing the potential of these intriguing cells.

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